It's Getting Cold

Maybe Because You're Being So Harsh

You Just Aren't Good Enough
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General Information
This is a rating community. Welcome to it. It is an HONEST rating community. You WILL be judged based on your looks and your application.


1. You MUST be at least 16 to apply.
2. You must post at least 3 clear pictures with your application.
3. Put your application and pictures behind an lj cut. If you don't know how, ask.
4. You are NOT allowed to vote or post anything other than your application and pictures until you are stamped. Any other posting by any Livejournal user will result in an automatic ban.
5. So I know you read the rules, make the subject of your first post "It's getting colder."
6. Don't delete or change anything unless you have persmission to do so; this will also result in an automatic ban.
7. If you get rejected, you are permitted to reapply with the permission of the maintainer.
8. You do not need a specific number of votes to be accepted. You do, however, need at least 3 more yes's than no's.
9. You came here looking for honesty. If you get it, and it's not what you want to hear, TOUGH. Go somewhere where they will tell you lies if you don't like what you find here.
10. *See #9* DO NOT insult the members of this community. They were voted on, JUST LIKE YOU. You WILL be banned for this behavior.


1. Be HONEST! This is a RATING community. We're not looking for just anyone.
2. Don't engage in petty flame wars with applicants. YOU are a member, say what you like. If you're being insulted in return, let me know. It's my job as maintainer to make sure the rules are enforced.
3. When voting, your vote needs to be cast in the subject line.
4. Also, when voting, give a REASON why. Don't tell them "You're stupid" or "I don't like you." Tell them what particularly makes them stupid or what you don't particularly like.
5. Try to maintain active, if only by voting.
6. DO NOT start fights with other members of this community. All members are entitled to their opinions here.
7. And lastly, PROMOTE!!! We don't have a community if no one knows about it. Tell your friends, promote in other communities. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!


The Stuff We Really Wanna Know:
1. You're vain, or you wouldn't be here. Admit it. ("I'm vain and I know it.")
2. Give us 3 reasons why you belong here.
3. What is your favorite (physical) thing about yourself?
4. Name 10 of your favorite bands.
5. Name 5 things that turn you on, and 5 things that turn you off.
6. Describe yourself in 3 words.
7. Name something you believe in. (So strongly that you would die for it.)
8. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
9. Anything else?

The Stamps:

If you are accepted:

And if you are rejected: